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AbrasivesOasis FAQS

Q: Why is the prices for your sandpaper products not shown?

A: Most of our abrasives have different grades and grits, and are priced accordingly to that type of abrasive and Sandpaper grit. We have provided drop down menu's for you to choose a desired grit. Prices of our sandpaper where options apply show the price next to each sandpaper grit or option.

Q: How long will it take to receive my sandpaper?

A: Most Sandpaper orders ship within two business days of time the sandpaper was purchased. Upon completion of your sandpaper order, you will receive a thank you email confirming your order. One business day after the sandpaper order is shipped the customer will be emailed their UPS tracking number for shipment verification.

Q: What is the difference between standard abrasives, and premium plus Abrasives?

A: Premium Plus sandpaper is manufactured using premium grade aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide sandpaper is available in different grades. Premium plus grade aluminum oxide sandpaper is more durable.

Q: I canít find the sanding belt size I need on AbrasivesOasis.com. Can I special order sanding belts or have sandpaper custom made?

A: While we strive to make all sandpaper available, it is difficult for us to list all the abrasives available on the market today. If there is a particular size you need, and it can not be found in AbrasivesOasis online store, please call us directly at 813-579-5669 or email us with the size and grit you need, and we will gladly respond during our normal business hours, with a quote for your sandpaper request.

Q: What is AbrasivesOasis normal business hours?

A: AbrasivesOasis online store is available for purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customer service representatives are available monday thru friday from 9am to 5pm. View our contact us page for more info.

A: What is sandpaper grit?

Q: Sandpaper grit is the courser or smoother a particular sandpaper product might be. For example: the lower the grit, the more course the sandpaper is. The higher the grit, the more smooth the sandpaper is.

A: What is aluminum oxide sandpaper?

Q: Aluminum oxide sandpaper is most commonly used for wood sanding. It exhibits a high degree of friability and as a result, heat and pressure is applied. The benefit to the user is that it creates sharp edges and lasts longer than other types of sandpaper.

Can't find the answer for your question? Contact Us or send us an email at info@abrasivesoasis.com